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Afonso d'Alboquerque reached China
Antonio Oliveira Salzar to power, Revolution
Brazilian independence from Portugal
Chaul, India
Colonial Uprisings
Construction on Royal Palace at Mafra
Creation of a Civil Code
Decolonisation of Empire
Diplomatic relations with Holy See stopped
Fort Jesus was conquered
India seized Goa
Introduction of a Constitution
Joao V
Jose I
King Carlos and wife shot
King of Ormuz rebelled against the Portuguese
Lisbon Earthquake
Lisbon was the richest city in Europe
Manuel I
Maria I
Military and Leftist Revolution
Mombasa sacked by the Portuguese
Peninsular War
Portugal became a Republic
Portuguese conquered Turkish fort of El Katiff,
Portuguese Control of Bassein, India
Portuguese controlled Angola
Portuguese Empire
Portuguese expelled from Bahrain
Portuguese invaded Mutapa
Portuguese monarchy restored to power
Portuguese ruled Massangano
Portuguese sailors reached Sierra Leone
Portuguese ships reach Japan
Presence in Oman
Reign of John III
Rule of Cochin
Salazar as premier
Salzar, minister of Finance
Thirty Years War
Trade set up with Japan
Trading posts in the African interior
Treaty of Alcacovas
Vasco da Gama reached the Swahili Coast
World War One
World War Two

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