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Ardashir rebels against the Parthians
Armenian Church repudiates the Council of Chalce
capital of Sassania, falls to Muslim attack
Edict of Toleration granted to Christians
Emperor Heraclius of Byzantium invades Sassania
Heraclius of Byzantium defeats a Sassanian army
Muslim invasions end the Sassanian empire
Muslims invade Iraq
Persian army destroyed at Nehawand
Reign of Shapur II, Sassania
Sassania campaigns against the Chionite Huns
Sassania sacks Antioch
Sassanian war with Rome
Sassanians capture Damascus and Jerusalem
Sassanians capture Emperor Valerian I
Sassanians defeat a Roman legion
Shapur I rules the Sassanian empire
Treaty of Endless Peace with Rome
Zend Avesta is assembled

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