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Austria annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina
Battle of Mohacs, Ottomans
British invade and take over Egypt
Capture of Belgrade, Ottomans
Comittee of Union and Progress (The Young Turks)
Construction work begins on the Topkapi Palace
Cultural revival under Ahmed III
End of the Ottoman Empire
First coffeehouse opens at Tahtakale
First Serbian Uprising
French invade Tunisia
Great earthquake of Istanbul
Great Eastern expedition
Great fire of Istanbul
Hatt-i Serif of Gulhane, Ottoman
Macedonia, succumbs to civil war
Massacre of the Janissaries by Mahmud II
Mohammed the Conqueror
Murad I captures Edirne (Adrianople)
Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) lands at Samsun
Office of caliph is abolished
Orhan Gazi captures Bursa
Osman becomes sultan, Ottoman Empire established
Osman, founder of the Ottoman dynasty, born
Ottoman Constitution is proclaimed
Ottoman Constitution is restored
Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire declared bankrupt
Ottoman rule in Balkans
Ottomans are forced to evacuate Hungary
Portuguese Magellan circumnavigates the world
Reforms of the Korprulu viziers, Ottoman
Reign of Mohammad IV, Ottoman
Second Serbian Uprising
Seljuk Turks first cross the Bosporus
Siege of Vienna by the Ottomans
Suleiman II the Magnificent
Suleyman the Magnificent's expedition into Iran
Sultanate abolished, Turkey declared a republic
Tamerlane defeats Ottomans at Ankara
Tanzimat Period begins in Ottoman Empire
The Battle of Lepanto
The conquest of Sofia
Treaty of Jassy
Treaty of Passarowitz
Trety of Kucuk Kaynarca
Work begins on the Blue Mosque

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