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Alain Juppe is appointed Prime Minister
Amsterdam Treaty
Beginning of strikes at the Gdansk shipyards
Chirac embroiled in corruption scandal
Death of General de Gaulle
Death of President Pompidou
Deng Xiaoping visits France
Diplomatic relations, German Democratic Republic
Dissolution of SEATO
European Summit in Paris
Final Act of the CSCE
First Franco-African Summit
First North-South Summit in Cancun
France joins euro currency
France performed nuclear test at Muruora
Franco-German Defense Council
François Mitterrand is elected President
François Mitterrand re-elected President
French court ruling over Yahoo
French destruction of the Rainbow Warrior
French interven in Shaba war
French journalists abducted in Beirut
French ratify the Maastricht Treaty
Independence of the Afar and Issas Territory
Jacques Chirac elected President
Lionel Jospin is named Prime Minister
Lome Convention
Non-Proliferation Treaty
Simone Veil is elected President
Third Lomé Convention
Two truck bombs kill French in Beirut
Vaclav Havel is elected President
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing as President
Victory of the Right in legislative elections

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