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Ben Barka affair
Conference of Brazzaville
Convention of Yaounde
De Gaulle and Khruschev met in Paris
Dissolution of the National Assembly
Dissolution of Western and Equatorial French Afr
European Summit of The Hague
Failed assination attempt on De Gaulle
First detanation of a french nuclear device
France launched its first nuclear submarine
France removes fleet from Atlantic Allied Comman
France withdraws from NATO
Free Quebec speech by De Gaulle
French are defeated at Dien Bien Phu
French army revolted in Algeria
French embargo on arms exports to Israel
French forces evacuated Hoa Binh
French troops left Algeria
General de Gaulle is elected President
Georges Pompidou as President
Georges Pompidou resigned
Independence of Algeria
Pact of Baghdad becomes CENTO
Re-election of General de Gaulle
Resignation of De Gaulle
Student protests and general strike
The Constitution of the Fifth Republic
Treaty of Friendship, with Germany

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