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Birth of Gaius Julius Caesar
Birth of Gaius Octavius ( Augustus )
Birth of Virgil
Cataline's conspiracy
Civil war in Rome
Colossus of Rhodes completed
Construction of the Pantheon begins
Etruscan rule ends in Rome
First known paved streets appear in Rome
First Mithridatic War
First public gladiator combat in Rome
First Roman coins
Gaius Gracchus is murdered
Gauls sack Rome
Julius Caesar and Pompey fight a Civil War
Julius Caesar conquerors Gaul
Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon
Julius Caesar is assassinated
Julius Caesar is consul
Last plebian secession
Laws of the Twelve Tables codified in Rome
Livius Andronicus, first Latin poet
Lydia absorbed into the Roman Empire
Marius begins his military reforms
Marius is Consul
Marius seizes Rome
Octavian defeats Anthony and Cleopatra at Actium
Phrygia becomes a Roman province
Pompey and Crassus are consuls
Praetor peregrinus
Praetor urbanus
Punic wars
Pyrrhus of Epirus invades Italy
Republic established at Rome
Revolt of slaves and gladiators led by Spartacus
Rome at war with Samnites and Latins
Rome begins conquest of Italy
Rome signs treaty with Carthage
Scipio Aemilianus
Scipio Africanus
Second Macedonian War
Sulla, consul, marches on Rome
Third Macedonian War
Tiberius Gracchus is murdered

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