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Anti-Jewish riots all over
Anti-Zionist riots in Jaffa
Arab oil countries proclaim a boycott
Arab pogroms against Jews in Jerusalem
Arab riots in Hebron
Arafat and Barak meet at Eretz
Balfour Declaration
British propose ending their Mandate
Clashes and protests occur in Hebron
Declaration of Principles in Washington
Ehud Barak takes office
Gaza-Jericho agreement signed in Cairo
Gulf War
Israel is attacked by 39 Iraqi Scud missiles
Israel War of Independence
Israel withdrew from Jericho and Gaza Strip
Jewish neighborhood outside Old City of Jerusale
Jews in Palestine
Jews migration
Knesset passes the Jerusalem Law
Mass immigration of Jews
Palestinian-Israeli talks begin
PLO recognizes Israel and calls for negotiations
Sir Moses Montefior, calls for Jewish State
Six Days War
State of Israel is established
Sykes-Picot Agreement
Tel Aviv, built
The First Aliya
Yasser Arafat head of P.L.O
Yom Kippur War

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