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The First Crusade
Arab Rule
Babylonians defeated by Persians
Babylonians take Jews into Exile
Bar Kochba rebellion
Caliph El-Hakim destroys Holy Sepulchre
Crusaders take Jerusalem
Cyrus the Great allows Jews to return
Fall of Jerusalem
First Temple built by King Solomon
Hebrews enslaved in Egypt
Hebrews move to Egypt
Jerusalem captured by King David
Jewish independence
Jews expelled from Spain
Jews start to arrive in Land of Israel
Kingdom of Israel
Land conquered by Alexander the Great
Last stand of Jews at Masada
Latin kingdom of Jerusalem founded
Mameluke rule
Mamelukes defeated by Ottoman empire
Moses leads the Jews out of Egypt
Omar defeats the Byzantine army
Ottoman empire rule
Roman and Byzantine Rule
Roman emperor Constantine converts to Christiani
Rule under Persians and Greeks
Sacking of Jerusalem
Saladin crushes the crusaders armies at Hittin
Second Temple built
The Second Crusade
The Third Crusade
Urban II launches Crusades

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