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Anglo-Egyptian treaty signed
Anwar al-Sadat is assassinated
Attacks on Israel
Bandung Conference
British troops occupy Ismalia
British-French offense in Suez
Camp David peace accords
Egypt and Syria attack Israeli positions
Egypt is declared a Republic
Egypt nationalizes the Suez Canal
Egypt placed under martial law
Egypt reinforced its forces in the Sinai
Egypt rejoins Islamic Conference
Egypt rejoins the Arab League
Egyptians gain Independence
Evacuation Treaty signed
Faruq, King of Egypt
Foreign investment is nationalised
Free Officers' Movement formed
Fu'ad I becomes King of Egypt
Gulf War
Half of national debt forgiven
Hasan al-Banna, assinated
King Faruk ousts Premier Mustafa Nahas
King Faruq died in Rome
Muslim Brotherhood founded
Nasser bans U.N. plans to share tolls
Nasser becomes president of Egypt
Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran
Nasser President
National Referendum
Overthrow of King Faruk
President Nasser dies
Prince Ahmed Fuad is proclaimed king
Six Days War
United Arab Republic
World War Two
Yom Kippur War
Zhou Enlai talks to President Nasser

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