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Arrest of Shi' cleric, Sheikh Ali Salman
Bahrain declares independence
Bahrain gains formal
Bahrain joins Gulf Cooperation Council
Britian states base closure in Suez
British Naval base moved to Bahrain
Council of National Unity formed and suppressed
Defence cooperation agreement
Elections for a Constituent Assembly
Emir dissolves the assembly
Emir visits Qatar
Emir, Sheikh Isa, dies
Gulf War
Iran Islamic Revolution
Iran renounces its claim to sovereignty
King Fahd causeway opened
Merger of BAPCO and BANOCO
New Constitution
Operation Desert Fox
Political prisoners and exiles pardoned
Prime minister Sheik al-Khalifa resigned
Qatari troops occupy Fasht al-Dibal Island
Sheik Isa al-Khalifa was deposed
Sheikh Abd-al-Amir al-Jamri is imprissoned
Sheikh Abd-al-Amir al-Jamri, pardonoed
Sheikh Ali Salman, deported
Sheikh Isa Bin-Salman Al Khalifah, Ruler
Sovereignty claimed by Persia (Iran)
Tehran-based Islamic Front arrested
The Bahrain Petroleum Company discovers oil
Treaty with Ottoman Government
U.S agreement over Naval bases

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