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Accession of Muhammad-bin-Tughluk
Adil Shah dynasty at Bijapur
Akbar troops invade Khandesh
Annexation of Kashmir
Annexation of Orissa
Aurangzeb appointed Viceroy of Deccan
Aurangzeb at the zenith of his power
Bahamani Kingdoms, India
Battle of Haldighat, India
Battle of Tukaroi
Battles of Khajwah and Deorai
Capture of Kangra Fort
Death of Guru Nanak
Divine Faith promulagated
Dutch establish a factory at Surat
End of Ahmednagar Dynasty
English establish a factory at Masulipatnam
English war with the Mughuls
First Battle of Panipat
first battle of Tarain
First voyage of Vasco da gama
Foundation of the Qutub Minar
Foundation of Vijayanagar (Deccan)
Invasion of Bijapur by Aurangzeb
Kutub Shahi dynasty at Golconda
Lodi dynasty established in Delhi
Mahmud Ghazni sacks Somnath Temple
Maratha Kingdom, India
Marathas invade Bengal
Marco Polo visits India
Marwar occupied by the Mughuls
Nizam Shahi dynasty at Ahmednagar
Qutbuddin establishes the Slave Dynasty
Rebellion of Khusrav
Rebellion of Mahabat Khan
Rise of the Bahmani dynasty (Deccan)
second battle of Tarain
Shah Abbas of Persia beseiges Qandahar
Shah Jahan revolts against Jahangir
Siraj-ud-daulah captures Calcutta
Slave Dynasty, India
Submission of Mewar to the Mughuls
The Dutch open a factory at Pulicat
The Khilji Dynasty
The Sayyids & Lodhis
The Tughlaq Dynasty
Timur invades India
Treaty of Alivadi with the Marathas
Tughluk founds the Tughluk dynasty
United East India Company of Netherlands
Vijayanagara Empire

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