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Arrival of Queen Elizabeth at New Delhi
Arunadati Roy wins Booker Prize
Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi
Atomic Energy establishment set up in Bombay
Bhaskara, India's second satellite, launched
Bhopal gas tragedy
Ceasefire in Kashmir
Chandernagar incorporated with India
Conference between Pakistan and Indian leaders
Constitution of India comes into force
Demolition of Babri Masjid
Eighth General Election, India
first Draft Constitution to Constituent Assembly
First Five year plan set in motion, India
First General Election, India
Formation of Bangladesh
Forward trading in shares banned
Fourteen Banks nationalised, India
General Insurance nationalised, India
Gujarat was hit by cyclone
Hindu marriage Act is amended
Hindu Succession Act
Hindu-Muslim Riots in Bombay
Imperial Bank renamed as State Bank of India
India becomes Republic
India concludes treaty with China
India wins the Cricket World Cup
India-Pakistan War
Indian satellite Aryabhatta launched
Indira Gandhi assassinated in Delhi
Indira Gandhi becomes Prime Minister
Indo-China war
Konkan Railway launched
Lal Bahadur Shastri dies
Liberation of Goa
Lok Sabha passes the Patents Bill
Meeting of Afro-Asian Conference
Mother Teresa dies
Nehru inaugurates Bhakhra Dam
New Constitution of India adopted and signed
Ninth Asian games held in Delhi
Operation Flood II launched, launched
Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague in Surat
Pakistan and India sign Simla Accord
Pakistan tanks penetrate India
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru dies
Prithvi test-fired
Private Airlines are Nationalised, India
Private Oil companies nationalised, India
Rajan Pillai dies in Delhi jail
Rajiv Gandhi assassinated by LTTE
Rajiv Gandhi signs Punjab Accord
Reserve Bank of India Nationalised
Rupee devalued by approximately 31 percent
Second Five year Plan, India
Second General Election, India
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Sikkim joins India
Sixth General Election, India
special privileges of former Indian rulers aboli
Stock market scandal, India
Television transmission introduced in New Delhi
The Bofors Deal
The Latur earthquake
Underground nuclear explosion at Pokhran
Untouchability Act comes into force, India

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