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Battle of Buxar, India
Battle of Plassey
Battle of Wandiwash
Bengal Tenancy Act
Bihar Earthquake
British Captured Asigrah
British captured fortress of Gawilgrah
British Crown takes over the Indian Government
British get Diwani Rights in Bengal
British Raj
Census of India
Certification of Salt Tax, India
Civil Disobedience Movement, India
Constituent Assembly's first meeting
Cripps Mission to India
Defence of India Act
Education Resolution, India
First Anglo-Maratha war
First Indian War of Independence
Forde defeats the Dutch at Bedara
Formation of Muslim League
Foundation of Women's University at Poona
Fourth Mysore War
Gandhiji's Dandi March
Gwalior war
Hindu-Muslim riots, India
Home Rule League founded
Imperial capital shifted from Calcutta to Delhi
Indian Councils Act
Indian Factory Act
Indian High Courts Act
Indian Independence
Indian Nat. Congress
Indian Nat. Movement
Indian National Army
Indian National Congress is formed
Indian Navy Act
Introduction of the Penal Code, India
Irwin-Gandhi Pact
Jalianwalla Bagh massacre
Lord Irwin promises Dominion Status for India
Maratha invasion of Bengal
Moplah (Muslim) rebellion in Malabar
Mutiny in Royal Indian Navy
Mutiny of the Indian Army at Barrackpore
Nehru hoists the National Flag at Lahore
Parliament passes the Rowlatt Acts
Permanent Settlement of Bengal
Pitt's India Act
Plague in Bombay
Political deadlock in India
Poona Pact, India
Prohibition of Sati, India
Punjab Tenancy Act
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Quit India Movement
Railway opened from Ambala to Delhi
Railway opened from Bombay to Thane
Reforms Enquiry committee Report, India
Regulating Act passed by the British Parliament
Second Anglo-Maratha War
Second Mysore War
Simon Commission comes to India
Swarajists in Indian Councils
Telegraph line from Calcutta to Agra
The Anglo-Gurkha war
The Bihar Famine
The British capture Chandernagore
The British defeat Siraj-ud-daulah
The First Burmese war
The First Partition of Bengal
The Gandhian Era
Third Mysore War
Treaty of Bassein
Treaty of Deogaon
Treaty of Surji-Arjanaon
Vernacular Press Act, India
War of Deccan and Carnatic succession
White Paper on Indian reforms

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