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Accession of Kumara Gupta I , India
Alexander's Invasion, India
Arabs invade Sind
Aryans expand into Bengal
Aryans migrate into Ganges Valley
Aryans migrate into the Indus Valley
Ashoka begins reign
Bindusara Coronated, India
Buddha's Nirvana
Chandragupta establishes first Indian Empire
Chandragupta I establishes the Gupta dynasty
Chandragupta Maurya defeats Seleacus Nicator
Chola king Erata conquers Ceylon
Composition of the Upanishads
Deccan & South India
Defeat of Jaipal by Sultan Mahumd
Epic Age, India
Era of the Hejira begins
Fall of the Mauryas
Golden Age of Gupta Literary Renaissance
Harappan civilisation in full bloom
Harappan Civilization collapses
Harshavardhana, India
Hinduism & Transition
Indus Valley
Mahabharata War
process of urbanisation begins, Indus valley
Rise of the Eastern Chalukyas
Rise of the Mauryas
Rise of the Satvahana Dynasty
Rise of the Sungas, India
Sakas in power in Indus Valley
The Chola Empire
The Kushans and Kanishkas
The Laws of Manu
The Mauryan Age
The Northern India
Vedic Age, India

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