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1st United Front of Nationalist, China
Anti-Bandit campaign, China
Army revolt, China
beginning of the Republic.
Beginnings of Warlord era, China
CCP headquartered in Yanan
Chinese Soviet Republic in Juijin
Collasp of United Front, China
Death of Sun Yat-sen in Beijing
death of Yuan Shikai
Disastrous famine, China
Founding of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Guo Min Dang (KMT), The National People's Party
Japan invades Manchuria
Japan presents its Twenty-One Demands
May 30th incident, China
May Fourth Movement, China
Most of China is under KMT control
Mukden Incident
National elections, China
Nationalist Government established in Nanjing
New Culture Movements, China
Northward Expedition , China
Puppet government under Wang Jingwei
Red base area established in Jiangxi
Sun Yat-sen forms the Revive China Society
Sun Yat-sen forms the United League
The Communist's Long March, China

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