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The First Crusade
Benedictine Abbey of Cluny is founded
Bourbon Dynasty
Bubonic plague or Black Death reaches Europe
Capetian Dynasty
Cardinal Fleury governs France
Career of Bernard of Clairvaux
Carolingian Dynasty
Charlemagne Empire
Charlemagne invades Spain.
Crusade of the Emperor Frederic II
Death of Charlemagne
Deaths of Voltaire and Rousseau
First Capetian king of France
First Crusade of King Louis IX of France
France invades Italy
Frankish Empire united
French Catholic League formed
French language replaces Latin
French Revolutionary Wars
French Wars of Religion
Grand Siecle
Hundred Year War
Jacquerie Revolt
Joan of Arc is burnt at the stake.
Monastery founded at Citeaux in France
Philip II Augustus rules France
Pilgrimage of Count Philip of Flanders
Pilgrimage of Count Thierry of Flanders
Postal Service established
Second Crusade of King Louis IX of France
Seven Year War
The Black Death
The Catholic Reformation
The French Revolution
The Lutheran Reformation
The Second Crusade
Thirty Years War
University of Paris
Valois Dynasty
Voltaire publishes Candide

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