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Abolition of Hereditary peers
Age of Consent for Homosexuals to 16
Barings PLC forced into bankruptcy
Bomb exploded in Manchester
Britain and Iran agreed to exchange ambassadors
Britain banned hand guns
Britain struck by storms, 11 killed
Britain's Labor Party elected Tony Blair
British beef exports to E.U resume
British educational reform
Buckingham Palace open for tourists
Carnival Against Capitalism
Channel Tunnel diggers met
Channel Tunnel opened
Charles and Diana divorced
Court ruling to extradite Gem'l Pinochet
Death of Linda McCartney
Death of Princes Diana
Downing Street hit by IRA mortar bomb
Fire at Windsor Castle
Funeral services for Princess Diana
Globe theater opened in England
Gulf War
Helen Sharman went into space
IRA bomb exploded in Warrington
J. Major, Conservatives
Land Mines banned
Margaret Thatcher resigned
Nail bomb exploded near Brixton Rd
Poll Tax
Poll tax riots
Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones
Queen Elizabeth II adressed U.S congress
Ratification of Maastricht Treaty
Shotting of Jill Dando
Tony Blair, Labour
US and British strike Iraq
War Crimes Act

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