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Aberfan disaster
Abortion Act
Age of voting lowered to 18
BBC2 created
Beatles rise to popularity
Beatles' first hit, Love Me Do
Beeching Report on British Railways
Birth of Princes Diana
Britain abolished capital punishment
British Standard Time introduced
British troops landed in Kuwait
Building of the Berlin Wall
Commenwealth Immigration Act
Commonwealth Immigrants Act
Concordes' maiden flight
Cuban missile crisis
Dartford Tunnel opened
Death penalty abolished
Edward Heath becomes leader of the Conservatives
England won the World Cup
Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood speech
First colour TV
First Greater London Council
First Notting Hill Carnival
Founding of the Sun newspaper
French President vetoes British membership
H. Macmillan, Conservatives
H. Wilson, Labour
Harold Wilson becomes P.M
Introduction of M.O.T tests
Labour wins British elections
Labour wins narrow victory
Last hangings in Britain
Launching of the HMS Dreadnought
Monty Python's Flying Circus, debut
National Front is formed in London
National Service abolished
Open University established
Prince Andrew of England was born
Public Record Act
QE2 launched
Race Relations Act
Seamen's strike
Six Days War
The Great Train Robbery
Winston Churchill died in London

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