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Battle of Bannockburn
Battle of Bosworth
Battle of Stoke
Beginning of the Hundred Years' War
Charles IV of France Died
Crusade of Earl Richard of Cornwall
Crusade of the Lord Edward of England
Death of John of Gaunt
Death of the Black Prince
Edward defeated the French fleet at Sluys
Edward besiged at Conway
Edward evades Parliament
Edward II murdered at Berkeley Castle
Edward raids the Temple in London
England banned football
Founding of the Order of the Garter
French defeated at Battle of Agincourt
Henry V became king of England
Henry V of England invaded France
Hundred Year War
King John dies
Peasants Revolt in England
Peasants' Revolt reach Canterbury
Peasants' Revolt reaches Maidstone
Rebels move towards London
Rebels reach London
Reign of Edward II
Reign of Edward III
Reign of Henry III
Reign of Henry IV
Reign of Henry V
Reign of Henry VI
Reign of Richard II
Revolt in Kent
Scottish Wars of Independence
Statute of Staples
The Black Death
The Sixth Crusade
Treaty of Edinburgh
Trial of the Order of the Temple
War of the Roses

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