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134 books translated into Russian
Active life of icon painter Andrei Rublev
Asktrakhan defeated
Beginnings of Magyar migration westward
Bell Tower of Ivan the Great
Building of Saint Sofia in Novgorod
Building of the new Kremlin in Moscow
Campaign of Ivan III against Novgorod
Capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans
Capture of Kazan
Cathedral of Assumption in Kremlin built
Cession to Moscovy of Kiev
Church of Russia declared autocephalous
Cimmerians in Thrace
Construction of churches at Dyakovo
Construction of the Cathedral of St. Basil
Conversion of Russia to Christianity
Creation of Moscow Patriarchate
Crimean Tartars burn Moscow
Defeat of the Golden Horde by Tamerlane
End of Muscovite dependency on Mongols
End of the Hansa in Novgorod
Expedition of Igor against Constantinople
Final establishment of Metropolitan in Moscow
First birch-bark documents
First election of prince in Novgorod
First Kremlin built in Moscow
First Novgorod treaty with German towns
First stone fortifications of Moscow Kremlin
Formation of the Khazar State
Foundation of Archangelsk
Foundation of Solovetsky Monastery
Foundation of Trinity Monastery
Greco-Iranian culture develops
Grigorii Kotoshikhin flees to Sweden
Heresy of Judaizers condemned
Igor's treaty with Byzantine Empire
Incoporation of Novgorod into Muscovy
Invasion of the Avars
Invasions by the Goths, Russia
Ivan the Terrible's pogrom in Novgorod
Ivan the Terrible's reign of terror
Kiev taken by Grand Duke of Lithuania
Kurbsky flees to Lithuania
Livonian war against Poland and Sweden
Metropolitan of Kiev settles at Vladimir
Mongol conquest of Russia
Moscow burnt by Tokhtamysh
Moscow founded by Yuri Dolgoruki (English)
Moscow population about 200,000
Nevsky's victory over the Teutonic Knights
Novgorod granted right to select prince
Novgorod streets paved with lumber
Novgorod treaty with the Hansa
Oleg's expedition against Constantinople
Oleg's treaty with the Byzantine Empire
Olga baptized in Constantinople
Opening of the White Sea route
Patriarch orders all musical instruments burned
Peter assumes throne, Russia
Peter I, The Great
Poles occupy Moscow
Population of Russia about ten million
Primary Chronicle composed
Printing of first books in Russian
Reign of Boris Gudunov
Reign of Ivan the Terrible.
Revolt of Bolotnikov
Revolt of Stenka Razin
Russian Peace with Sweden
Russkaia Pravda, first Russian law
Sack of Kiev by Andrei Bogoliubsky
Sadko builds a church in Novgorod
Saint Sofia Cathedral begun in Kiev
Sarai as capital of the Golden Horde
Sarmatians conquer the Scythians
Scythians invade Thrace
Stroganovs granted land on Kama River
Sviatoslav conquers the Khazar cities of Sarkel
Swedes occupy Novgorod
Swedish King Magnus marches against Novgorod
The Huns invade, Russia
Theater opens at Preobrazhenskoe
Treaty of Nerchinsk with China
Union of Ukraine with Muscovy
Up-risings in Moscow and other towns
Uprising in Novgorod
Victory of Alexander Nevsky
Victory of Dmitri Donskoi over the Tatars
Visit to Moscow of Ambrosio Contarini
Yaroslav starts first school in Novgorod

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