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Abdication of the Kaiser
Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
Brüning appointed Chancellor
Buchrucker Putsch
Dawes Plan ends the crisis in the Ruhr
Election of the National Assembly
First democratic election
German Passive Resistance
Germany admitted to League of Nations
Hindenburg elected President
Hitler leader of National Socialist 'Nazi' Party
Hitler Trial
Hitler's book Mein Kampf published
Hyper Inflation
Kapp putsch
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Marx becomes chancellor
Nazi Beer Hall putsch in Munich
Occupation of the Ruhr by France
Papen becomes Chancellor
Re-election of Hindenburg as President
Schleicher appointed Chancellor
Signing of Treaty of Versailles
Spartacist uprising defeated by Freikorps
Stock Market on Wall Street Crashes
Stresemann breaks off passive resistance
The Lacarno Pact
The Reichstag burns
The Young Plan
Treaty of Rapallo
Weimar Constitution

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