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Ball of Protection for Teutonic Knights
Battle of Liegnitz
Bull of Pope Innocent III
Children's Crusade
Constantinople fell to Latin Crusaders
Council of Troyes
Headquaters moved from Venice to Prussia
Hermann von Salza died
Hospital of St. John recognized
Jerusalem surrendered to Saladin
Knights expelled from Peloponnesus
Knights given house of Germans in Jerusalem
Knights routed at Durben
Knights won the battle at Sirguna
Order defeated by Russians
Order expelled from Burzenland
Order given hospital in Bozen
Order given tower in Acre
Order provided with house of Theodore of Sarepta
Order received hospital in Barletta
Order went bankrupt
Peace treaty
Statutes of Margat
Tetonic Knights given Adomadana
Teutonic Knights and Swordbrothers unite
Teutonic Knights defeated at Tannenberg
Teutonic Knights established as a military order
Teutonic Knights given Beauvoir
Teutonic Knights recieve 57 privileges, Italy
Teutonic Knights side with Hospitallers
Treaty of Dannenberg

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