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The First Crusade
Alliance of Damascus and Jerusalem against Zangi
Alliance of Muslim and Frankish princes of Syria
Baldwin, himself king of Jerusalem
Baldwin, count of Edessa, escapes an ambush
Cannibalism by the crusaders in Maarra
Crusaders take Edessa and then Antioch
Failure of crusaders thrust at Damscus
Fall of Beirut and Saida
Fall of Jerusalem
Fall of Tripoli
First great expedition by the Crusaders
Hospital of St John receives papal protection
Hospital of St John, Tripoli. defence
Ibn al-Khashab is murdered by the Assassins
Ibn al-Khashab organizes a riot
King Sigurd of Norway brings army to Holy Land.
Latin kingdom of Jerusalem founded
Muslim victory at Harran
Population of the holy city was put to the sword
Ruler of Aleppo, crushes the Crusaders at Sarmad
Sultan of Nicaea, crushes a crusaders invasion
The Crusaders take Tyre
Venetian expedition to Holy Land
Victorious resistance at Tyre
Zangi captures Fulk
Zangi fails to take Damascus

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