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Acre captured by the Sultan of Egypt
Battle of Nicopolis
Baybars takes Antioch
Crusade of the Lord Edward of England
Crusade of the princes of Aragon
Crusade of Varna
Fall of the Ayyubid dynasty
First Crusade League
First Crusade of King Louis IX of France
First Ottoman siege of Vienna
Formation and operations of Holy League
Hospital of St John begins the conquest of Rhod
Hospital of St John defends Malta
Hospital of St John moves to Malta
Hospitallers defend Rhodes
Hussite Crusades
Invasion of Egypt by Louis IX
Louis IX dies near Tunis
Mongol army defeated at the battle of Ayn Jalut
Mongol chief Hulegu sacks Baghdad
Peter I of Cyprus' crusade
Rhodes falls to the Ottoman Turks
Second Crusade of King Louis IX of France
Second Ottoman siege of Vienna
Teutonic Order moves its headquarters
The mamluk sultan Qalawun takes Tripoli
Trial of the Order of the Temple

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