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Adolf Hitler commits suicide
Allied offensive in North Italy.
Allies liberate Buchenwald and Belsen
Allies split Germany and Berlin
Allies take Venice
American troops capture Okinawa
American troops land on Iwo Jima
American troops land on Okinawa
American troops land on the Phillipines
Atlee succeeds Churchill
Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.
Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Japan
Australian troops land on Borneo
British troops land in Singapore
Chinese troops capture Guilin
Dresden destroyed by firestorm
Finland declare war on Germany
German forces in Ruhr pocket surrender
German High Command imprisoned
German troops withdraw from the Ardennes.
Germany launches offensive in Hungary
Heinrich Himmler commits suicide.
Hermann Göring is captured
Hitler marries Eva Braun
Japan surrenders
Japanese troops withdraw to the chinese coast
Joseph Goebbels commits suicide
Manilla is captured by the allies
Mussolini is captured and hanged by Italian part
Nuremberg war crimes trials begin
Potsdam Conference begins
President Roosevelt dies
Roosevelt, Churchill & Stalin meet in Yalta
Soviet and american troops meet on the Elbe
Soviet submarine sinks the german hospitalship W
Soviet troops begin final attack on Berlin
Soviet troops capture Berlin
Soviet troops capture Danzig
Soviet troops capture Prague
Soviet troops capture Ravensbrück
Soviet troops capture Warsaw
Soviet troops capture Wien
Soviet troops liberatre Auschwitz
Soviet troops reach Berlin
Soviet troops reach the Reichstag in Berlin
Soviet Union declares war on Japan
The allies capture Arnhem
The allies capture Cologne
The allies capture Hannover
The allies capture Mandalay, Burma
The allies capture Moulmein, Burma
The allies capture Nürnberg
The allies capture Rangoon, Burma
The allies capture Saarbrücken
The allies land on the Channel Islands
The german troops in Italy surrenders
The japanese troops in Burma surrender
The japanese troops in China surrender
The japanese troops in Hong Kong surrender
The japanese troops in Shanghai surrender
The last german troops leave Finland
Truce on the western front.
Truman becomes President
U.S. 7th Army liberates Dachau
U.S. troops encircle German troops in Ruhr
Unconditional surrender of all German forces
United Nations is officially born
United Nations World Charter of Security signed
USA test the first atomic bomb
VE (Victory in Europe) Day
VJ (Victory over Japan) Day

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