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Allied troops attack Monte Cassino, Italy
Allied troops capture Monte Cassino
Allied troops enter Germany
American troops land on Guam
Anne Frank and family arrested by Gestapo
Athens is captured by the allies
Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes
Battle of the Hedgerows
Belgrade is captured by the allies
Bordeaux is captured by the allies
Boulogne is captured by the allies
Brussels and Antwerpen are captured by the allie
Calais is captured by the allies
Civil war begin in Greece
D-Day. The allies land in Normandy
Eisenhower commander of the allied forces
Erwin Rommel commits suiced
Finland sues for peace
First german V-1 bomb is launched
First german V-2 bomb is launched
French capture Strasbourg
German assassination attempt on Hitler fails.
German troops land on Suursaari
German troops occupy Hungary
Germans retreat from Anzio
Germans surrender in the Crimea
Hideki Tojo military dictator in Japan
Japanese troops capture Guilin, China
Japanese troops capture Hengyang, China
Japanese troops capture Liuzhou, China
Japanese troops capture Luoyang, China
Japanese troops capture Xuchang, China
Japanese troops capture Zhengzhou, China
Kwajalein is captured by the allies
Last use of gas chambers at Auschwitz
Le Havre is captured by the allies
Leningrad relieved after 900-day siege
Liberation of Paris
Massive allied airborne assault in Arnhem
Nazis liquidate the town of Oradour-sur-Glane
Operation Bagration
Operation Cobra begins in Normandy
Operation Dragoon begins
Patton relieves Bastogne
Polish Home Army uprising in Warsaw
Resistance uprising in Paris
Romania surrenders and joins the allies
Rovaniemi is destroyed by the german troops
Slovak Uprising begins
Soviet troops advance into Poland
Soviet troops begin a counter-offensive at Lenin
Soviet troops begin offensive against Romania
Soviet troops besiege Budapest
Soviet troops capture Bucharest
Soviet troops capture Kirkenes, Norge
Soviet troops capture Riga
Soviet troops capture Viborg, Finland
Soviet troops enter Czechoslovakia
Soviet troops enter Czechoslovakia
Soviet troops enter East Prussia
Soviet troops enter Yugoslavia
Soviet troops large offensive in the Ukraine.
Soviet troops occupy Estonia
Soviet troops offensive against Finland.
Soviet troops offensive against Finland.
Soviet troops reach the Baltic Sea
Soviet troops recapture Minsk
Soviet troops recapture Odessa
Soviet troops recapture Sevastopol
Soviet troops take Brest-Litovsk
Soviet Union bombs Stockholm, Sweden
Soviet Union declares war on Bulgaria
Soviet Union demands unconditional surrender
Soviet Union massive bombraids on Helsinki.
Soviets free concentration camp at Majdanek.
The allies capture Aachen
The allies capture Caen
The allies capture Florence
The allies capture Marseille and Toulon
The allies capture Rome.
The allies land at Anzio, Italy
The allies land in Greece
The allies land in south France
The axis troops in Greece surrenders
The german troops leave Bulgaria
The japanese troops on Saipan surrender
The Warsaw uprising is put down
Truce between Finland and Soviet Union
Truce between Soviet Union and Bulgaria
U.S. troops capture Cherbourg
U.S. troops reach Avranches
U.S. troops reach Siegfried Line
U.S. troops reach St. Lô
U.S. troops take Coutances

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