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.S. daylight air raids on Regensburg
Allied air raid causes firestorm in Hamburg
Allied landings at Salerno and Taranto
Allied troops land on the italian mainland
Allies begin bombing the island of Pantelleria
Battle of Atlantic
Battle of Kasserine Pass
Bolivia declares war on the axis powers
British bombing raid on Hamburg
British troops captures Tripoli
British troops enter Tunisia from Libya
Casablanca conference
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet in Teheran.
Dönitz suspends U-boat operations
German and Italian troops surrender in North Afr
German counter-offensive at Salerno
German offensive at Kurks
German offensive halted at Salerno
German troops at Stalingrad surrenders
German troops attack the Warsaw ghetto
German troops begin an counter-offensive in Tuni
German troops capture Kharkov
German troops capture Kos
German troops capture Rome
German troops liberate Mussolini
German troops withdrawal from the Caucasus.
Germans evacuate Sicily
Himmler orders liquidation of all Polish ghettos
Italian surrender announced
Italy declares war on Germany
Japanese puppet-regime founded in Burma
Jewish resistance in Warsaw ghetto ends
Large British air raid on Berlin
Mussolini is ousted by the Great Fascist Council
Mussolini reestablishes Fascist government
Nazis arrest 'White Rose' leaders in Munich
Pantelleria surrenders
Pointblank' directive
Royal Air Force bomb the Ruhr
Second U.S. air raid on Schweinfurt.
Soviet troops begin offensive at Stalingrad
Soviet troops launch offensives on Ukrainian
Soviet troops recapture Kharkov
Soviet troops recapture Kharkov
Soviet troops recapture Kiev
Soviet troops recapture Kursk
Soviet troops recapture Rostov
Soviet troops recapture Smolensk
SS Reichsführer Himmler gives speech at Poznan
Stalin severs all contact with the polish govern
The allies begin the final offensive in Tunisia
The allies capture Corsica
The allies capture Neapel
The allies capture Palermo
The allies capture Sardinia
The allies capture Tunis
The allies land in Sicily. (Operation Husky)
Uprising in the jewish ghetto in Warsaw
US troops capture Gaudalcanal

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