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Allies declare crimes against jews will be aveng
American troops land on Guadalcanal
Assination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich
Battle of Alam Halfa
Battle of El Alamein begins
Battle of Midway
Battle of the Barents Sea
Battle of the Coral Sea
Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy
British troops capture Madagaskar
British troops capture Tobruk
British troops enters Libya
Churchill and Stalin meet in Moscow
Death of Reinhard Heydrich
Declaration of the United Nations
Deportation of jews from Warsaw
Eisenhower arrives in London
execution of all British Commandos taken prisone
Failed allied raid on Dieppe
Fermi sets up atomic reactor in Chicago.
Gassing begins at Auschwitz
German summer offensive begins in the Crimea
German troops attack the british at El Alamein.
German troops capture Kharkov
German troops capture Rostov
German troops capture Sevastopol
German troops capture Tobruk, Libya
German troops destroys Lidicie
German troops enter Egypt
German troops in North Africa begins an offensiv
German troops invade Vichy France
German troops reach Stalingrad
Germans begin drive towards Stalingrad
Germans besiege Sevastopol
Japanese land on the Salomon Islands.
Japanese troops capture Bali
Japanese troops capture Java
Japanese troops capture Kuala Lumpur
Japanese troops capture Mandalay, Burma
Japanese troops capture Manila, Phillipines
Japanese troops capture Rangoon
Japanese troops capture Singapore
Japanese troops capture Timor
Japanese troops invade Burma
Japanese troops invade Netherlands East Indies
Japanese troops land at Guadalcanal
Japanese-American sent to relocation camps
Massive German air raid on Stalingrad
Mexico declare war on the axis powers
Rommel begins offensive against Gazala Line
Rommel withdraws from El Agheila
Soviet troops counter-offensive at Stalingrad
Soviet troops begins offensive against Finland
Soviet troops recapture Kiev
Soviets defeat Italian troops on the River Don
SS Leader Heydrich attacked in Prague
The Allies land in north-west Africa
The american troops on Phillipines surrenders
The first american troops arrive in Britain
The french fleet in Toulon is sunk
U-boat offensive along east coast of USA
USA bombs Tokyo and Yokohama

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