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10.000 jews deported from Vienna
Allied troops are evacuated from Greece
Britain and Canada declare war on Finland
British and soviet troops enter Iran
British and soviet troops occupy Iran
British carrier HMS Ark Royal sunk
British forces invades Italian Somaliland
British occupy Syria
British troops arrive in Greece
British troops begin an offensive against Iraq.
British troops capture Benghazi
British troops troops captures Bagdad
Bulgaria and Turkey signs non-aggression pact.
Bulgaria joins the axis powers
Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania declare war on USA
Croatia declares war on Britain
Croatia is declared independent
Danish Greenland is placed under US control.
Finland and Hungary declare war on Soviet Union.
Finland begins offensive against Soviet Union
Finnish troops capture Petrosadvosk
Finnish troops recapture Viborg
Führer Rudolph Hess flies to Scotland
German airborne assault on Crete
German attack on Moscow is abandoned
German troops offensive in North Africa.
German troops begin attack on Moscow
German troops besiege Tobruk
German troops capture Estonia
German troops capture Kharkov
German troops capture Kiev
German troops capture Kursk
German troops capture Minsk
German troops capture Novogrod
German troops capture Odessa
German troops capture Rostov
German troops capture Smolensk
German troops captures Athens
German troops captures Belgrade
German troops captures Benghazi
German troops captures Thessaloniki
German troops captures Zagreb
Germans cross the River Dnieper in the Ukraine
Germany and Italy declare war on USA
Germany bombs Moscow
Germany invades Soviet Union
Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece
Göring instructs for Final Solution.
Guatemala and Dominican Republic declare war on
Hideki Tojo made Prime Minister of Japan
Italian offensive in Greece
Italy and Romania declare war on Soviet Union.
Japan bombs Pearl Harbour
Japan declare war on USA
Japan invades Phillipines
Japan invades Siam and Malaysia
Japanese troops capture Hong Kong
Japanese troops capture Kuala Lumpur
Japanese troops occupy French Indo-China
Lend-Lease act is expanded to include the Soviet
Nazi SS Einsatzgruppen begin mass murder
Nazis murder 33,771 Jews at Kiev
Nazis order Jews to wear yellow stars
New Zealand, South Africa declare war on Japan.
Operation Barbarossa begins
Pro-german regime in Yugoslavia is toppled
Pro-german takes power in Iraq.
Roosevelt and Churchill sign Atlantic Charter
Sinking of the British ship Hood
Soviet and Japan sign non-aggression pact.
Soviet counter-offensive at Moscow
Soviet Union bombs Finland
Soviet Union moves government to Kuibyshev
Stalin calls for scorched earth policy
The allies capture Addis Abeda
The allies captures Benghazi, Libya
The allies captures Mogadishu
The allies captures Tobruk, Libya
The allies declare war on Japan
The allies enter Libya
The british forces on Crete surrenders
The first gassing of jews
The german battleship Bismark is sunk
The german siege of Leningrad begins
The italian forces in east Africa surrenders
The Lend-Lease act is implemented
Yugoslavia joins the axis powers
Yugoslavia surrenders

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