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Adolf Hitler brodcasts peace offer to Britain
Allied forces are evacuated from Narvik
Battle of Britain begins
Belgium surrenders
Britain bombs Berlin
British carrier HMS Glorious sunk
British forces land on Iceland
British troops begins an offensive in North Afri
Charles de Gaulle as the Free French leader
Evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk
Finland signs peace treaty with Soviet Union
France signs an armistice with Germany
France signs an armistice with Italy
French fleet in Oran sunk by the british fleet
German forces reach the English Channel
German troops enter Romania
Germans occupy Paris
Germany bombs Rotterdam
Germany invades Belgium
Germany invades Denmark and Norway
Germany invades the Channel Islands
Greek army repels the italian invasion
Hitler declares blockade of British Isles
Holland surrenders
Hungary joins the axis powers
Italy controls entire British Somaliland
Italy declares war on Britain and France
Italy invades British Somaliland
Italy invades Egypt
Italy invades France and bombs Malta
Italy invades Greece
Italy joins the war with Germany
King Haakon leaves Norway
Massive German air raid on London
Norway surrenders
Rationing begins in Britain
Romania joins the axis powers
Slovakia joins the axis powers
Soviet Union invades Romania
Soviet Union invades the Baltic States
The allies attack Dakar
The allies send forces to Norway
Tripartite Pact (Axis)
United States military Conscription Bill passed
Vichy is made the capital of France
Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister

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