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Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany
Battle of the Atlantic begins
Battle of the River Plate.
Britain and France declare war on Germany
Britain and Poland sign Mutual Assistance Treaty
British battleship HMS Royal Oak sunk
British carrier HMS Courageous sunk
British fleet mobilizes
British Royal Air Force attacks German Navy
Canada declares war on Germany
Civilian evacuations begin from London
Failed assination attempt on Adolf Hitler
French troops enter Saar
German troops cross Vistula river in Poland
Germany invades Poland
Italy proclaims neutrality
Nazis begin euthanasia on sick and disabled
Soviet and german troops meet at Brest-Litovsk
Soviet Union expelled from League of Nations
Soviet Union forces occupies Petsamo
Soviet Union invades Finland
Soviet Union invades Poland
SS Athenia is sunk by the german submarine U-30
United States proclaims neutrality
Warsaw surrenders to Nazis

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