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Allied troops enter Germany
Allies liberate Buchenwald and Belsen
Allies take Venice
Battle of the Hedgerows
Belgrade is captured by the allies
Bordeaux is captured by the allies
Boulogne is captured by the allies
Brussels and Antwerpen are captured by the allie
D-Day. The allies land in Normandy
French capture Strasbourg
Le Havre is captured by the allies
Liberation of Paris
Massive allied airborne assault in Arnhem
Operation Cobra begins in Normandy
Operation Dragoon begins
Patton relieves Bastogne
Resistance uprising in Paris
The allies capture Aachen
The allies capture Arnhem
The allies capture Caen
The allies capture Cologne
The allies capture Florence
The allies capture Hannover
The allies capture Marseille and Toulon
The allies capture Nürnberg
The allies capture Saarbrücken
The allies land in south France
The allies land on the Channel Islands
U.S. troops capture Cherbourg
U.S. troops encircle German troops in Ruhr
U.S. troops reach Avranches
U.S. troops reach Siegfried Line
U.S. troops reach St. Lô
U.S. troops take Coutances

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