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Allied landings at Salerno and Taranto
Allied offensive in North Italy.
Allied troops are evacuated from Greece
Allied troops attack Monte Cassino, Italy
Allied troops capture Monte Cassino
Allied troops land on the italian mainland
Allies begin bombing the island of Pantelleria
Athens is captured by the allies
British troops arrive in Greece
Civil war begin in Greece
German airborne assault on Crete
German troops capture Kos
German troops capture Rome
German troops captures Athens
German troops captures Thessaloniki
German troops captures Zagreb
Germans evacuate Sicily
Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece
Greek army repels the italian invasion
Italian offensive in Greece
Italy bombs Athens and Salonika
Italy invades France and bombs Malta
Italy invades Greece
The allies capture Neapel
The allies capture Palermo
The allies capture Rome.
The allies land at Anzio, Italy
The allies land in Greece
The allies land in Sicily. (Operation Husky)
The british forces on Crete surrenders
The german troops in Italy surrenders

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