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British forces invades Italian Somaliland
British troops begins an offensive in North Afri
British troops capture Madagaskar
British troops capture Tobruk
British troops captures Tripoli
British troops enter Tunisia from Libya
British troops enters Libya
German and Italian troops surrender in North Afr
German counter-offensive at Salerno
German troops offensive in North Africa.
German troops begin an counter-offensive in Tuni
German troops besiege Tobruk
German troops capture Tobruk, Libya
German troops enter Egypt
German troops in North Africa begins an offensiv
German troops land on Suursaari
Italy controls entire British Somaliland
Italy invades British Somaliland
Italy invades Egypt
Rommel withdraws from El Agheila
The allies capture Tunis
The allies captures Benghazi, Libya
The allies captures Tobruk, Libya
The allies enter Libya
The Allies land in north-west Africa

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