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All Belgian forts taken by Germans
Allied Aisne-Marne offensive
Allied Amiens offensive
Allied Counter-offensive
Allies open offensive on Western front
Amiens occupied by Germans
Antwerp Falls
Assault of the Hindenburg Line
Australian capture of Bougainville
Austria-Hungary at war with Portugal
Battle of Lorraine
Battle of the Somme
Battle of the Vardar
Battle of Verdun
Battles of Ypres
BEF landing in France is completed
Belgian capital removed from Brussels
Belgium commence mobilization
British air and Naval units raid Cuxhaven
British capture Le Cateau
British capture Monchy-le-Preux
British capture of Aleppo
British cross the Selle River
British liberate Douai
British liberate Lille
British Liberate Menin
British recapture Péronne
British soldiers land at Vladivostock
British troops liberate Avesnes
First Battle of Champagne
First Battle of Ypres
Flanders offensive
French defeated at Charleroi
French reoccupy Amiens and Rheims
French troops enter Rethel
German 'Marne' offensive
German capture of Liége
German Capture of Namur
German northern offensive
German retreat to Hindenburg Line
German Second Army besieges Liége
Germans capture Bailleul
Germans capture Passchendaele
Germans enter France near Lille
Germans reach the Marne
Germany invades Luxembourg
Hindenburg Line stormed
Paris placed in state of siege
Siege of Antwerp
Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

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