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11.00am the armistice came into effect
Allies sign armistice with Turkey
Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
Austria at war with Japan
Austria declares war on Belgium
Austria declares war on Russia
Austria-Hungary at war with Portugal
Austria-Hungary breaks with United States
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
Austrian soldiers seek armistice
Belgium rejects Germany's demand
Brazil at war with Germany
Britain declares war on Germany
British Government orders Naval mobilization
Bulgaria at war with Roumania
China at war with Germany
China breaks with Germany
Churchill mobilizes the British Grand Fleet
Costa Rica breaks with Germany
Cuba and Panama at war with Germany
France at war with Bulgaria
France orders mobilisation
German declares war on Portugal
Germany at war with Belgium
Germany declares war on France
Germany declares war on Romania
Germany declares war on Russia
Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey
Great Britain declares war on Bulgaria
Greece enters the war on the Allied site
Haiti breaks with Germany
Italy and Russia at war with Bulgaria
Italy at war with Germany
Italy declares her neutrality
Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary
Japan at war with Germany
Liberia at war with Germany
Liberia breaks with Germany
Panama at war with Austria-Hungary
Peru and Uruguay break with Germany
Romania declares war on Austria
Russia and Austria are at war
Russian mobilisation ordered
Serbia at war with Germany
Siam at war with Germany and Austria
United States declares war on Austria-Hungary
United States declares war on Germany

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