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Anti-Zionist riots in Jaffa
Arab oil countries proclaim a boycott
Arafat and Barak meet at Eretz
Arafat visits Pope John Paul II
British relinquish the Palestine Mandate
British White Paper on policy in Palestine
Clashes and protests occur in Hebron
Declaration of Principles
Ehud Barak takes office
First Arab nationalist congress
Gaza-Jericho agreement signed in Cairo
Israel releases 151 Palestinian prisoners
Israel War of Independence
Jordan and Israel sign peace treaty
Jordan and the PLO sign an accord
King Hussein of Jordan dies
London Conference on the future of Palestine
Netanyahu is elected prime minister of Israel
Palestine acquires a private Internet code
Palestinian guerilla bases move to Lebanon
Palestinian Intifada erupts in the Occupied Terr
Palestinian Legislative Council is formed
Palestinian-Israeli talks begin
Palestinians are driven out
Palestinians form Fatah
PLO recognizes Israel and calls for negotiations
Round Table Conference on Palestine
U.S calls for unrestricted Jewish immigration
UN recommends partition of Palestine
United States vetoes a United Nations resolution
Washington Declaration
Washington summit at Wye River
Yasser Arafat head of P.L.O
Yasser Arafat speaks to UN

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