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Agra Summit
Amnesty International refused entry
APHC calls for tripartite talks
APHC leadership arrested
Azad Kashmir resolution
Both countries agree to resume talks
British except Muslim plan
Campaign against Maharajah
Disputed Areas Act
Establishment of Pakistan
India and Pakistan begin negotiations
India and Pakistan, war over Kashmir
India attacks Pakistan
India claims East Pakistan, becomes Bangladesh
Indian airstrikes on Mujahedeen
Indian gov. declares Kashmir its own
Indian gov. takes complete control of Kashmir
Indian troops and Mujahedeen fight
Karachi Agreement
Kashmir issue brought to the U.N
Kashmir population hold protest
Kashmire situation undecided after Independence
Maharah's troops fight Kashmiri resistance
Mujahedeen oppose fragmentation of Kashmir
Muskim Majority descriminated against
Pakistan gains one third of Kashmir
Pakistan proposes Kashmir resolution
Pakistan Resolution
Popular uprising against Maharaja.
Refugee movment begins out of Kashmir to Pakista
Resolution of 1948 reaffirmed by U.N
Simla Agreement
Tashkent Agreement
U.N arranges a cease-fire
U.N refused entry to Kashmir
U.N resolution, calling for cease-fire

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