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24 Apache attack helicopters deployed
45 ethnic Albanians slain outside Racak
A US F-117 Stealth bomber is shot down
Albania borders close with Macedonia
Albanian and Serb armies clash
Balkan Air Show, Exercise of 85 NATO warplanes
Border clashes and skirmishes in Kosovo
Central Belgrade hit by NATO missiles
Chernomyrdin and Jiang Zemin criticize bombing
CIA warns of imminent Serbian offensive
Contact Group countries meet in London
Contact Group issues ultimatum to Kosovo Albania
First round of talks
FRY security forces battle KLA
Indictment of Milosevic as a war criminal
KLA agrees to disarm.
KLA completed demilitarization
KLA ready to sign a peace pact
KLA seizes control of 40 percent of Kosovo
Kosovo air war begins
Kosovo Albanians sign peace deal
Kosovo Verification Mission leaves Kosovo
NATO air exercises in region
NATO attacks Serbian television
NATO authorize strikes on Serb Military targets
NATO hit Chinese Embassy
NATO renews its military threat
NATO's 50th anniversary celebrations
Peace talks begun at Rambouillet
Russian Duma condemns NATO attack
Senator Dole returns to Macedonia
Serb police kill 24 Kosovo Albanians
Serb security forces kill 35 villagers
Serb security forceswithdrawl from Kosovo
Serb troops massing on Kosovo's border
Serbia warns Macedonia
Serbian forces intensify offensive
Serbian parliament approves the G-8's peace plan
Serbs complete withdrawal from Kosovo
Talks resume in Paris
U.N calls for immediate cease-fire
U.S calls KLA terrorist
UN Security Council approves Resolution 1199
UN Security Council resolution 1160
Western embassies begin withdrawing
Yeltsin speaks out against NATO
Yugoslavia begins the process of withdrawing

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