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2nd U.S infantry division reaches Korea
Air battle over Sinuiji
Armistice negotiations begin at Kaesong
Armistice negotiations resume
Armistice signed at Panmunjom
Cease-fire discussions resume at Panmunjom
China rejects seize-fire
Chinese counterattack
Chinese defeated at Chipyong-ni
Chinese rejects cease-fire proposal
Communist forces enter Wonju
Communist offensive begins
Disorder in prison camps
Eighth Army controls Iron Triangle
Eighth Army halted by Chinese forces
Eighth Army retakes Chunchon
Eighth Army retakes Seoul
Eighth Army seizes Pyongyang
Eighth Army takes Hwachon and Inje
General Mark Clark succeeds Ridway
Heaviest air raids on Pyongyang
North Korea rejects U.N proposals
North Korean Army breach Naktong River
North Korean Army captures Seoul
North Korean Army cross Kum River
North Korean Army offensive threatens Taeju
North Korean cross the thrity-eighth parallel
Northern forces attack U.S I Corps
Northern forces begin their offensive
Northern forces re-crosses 38th parallel
Northern forces reoccupy Pyongyang
POW issue settled
Revised demarcation line settled
South Korean troops cross 38th parallel
Southern units occupy Hamnung and Hungnam
Southern units retake Seoul
U.N troops repel attacks along Naktong
U.S and U.N forces evacuate Seoul
U.S and U.N forces withdraw from Pyongyang
U.S Army 3rd Division arrives in Korea
U.S bomb Yalu River power installations
U.S combat troops arrive on Korea
U.S launches Operation Killer
U.S troops fight out of burning Taejon
X Corps withdrawal from Hungnam
X Corps withdrawal from Wonsan

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