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Air bombardment of Baghdad
Allied ground campaign begins
battle in Khafji, Saudi Arabia
battle of Medina Ridge
Coalition forces enter Kuwait City
Congress grants Bush authority to wage war
Defense Department censors war reporting by pres
Hussein announces Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait
Hussein declares a jihad against the U.S. and
Hussein proclaims annexation of Kuwait
Hussein rejects all U.N. resolutions
Iraq accuses Kuwait of stealing oil
Iraq begins blowing up Kuwaiti oil wells
Iraq begins military buildup
Iraq declares Kuwait its 19th province
Iraq formally accepts cease fire terms
Iraq invades Kuwait
Iraqi Scud missile hits U.S. barracks
Iraqi troops exodus from Kuwait City
Naval blockade of Iraq begins
Operation Desert Storm begins
President Bush declares Kuwait liberated
President Bush issues 24-hour ultimatum
Saudi Arabia requests U.S. troops
Soviet-Iraqi peace plan rejected by Bush
Talks end in stalemate
U.N. condemns Iraq's invasion
U.N. imposes trade embargo on Iraq
U.S. military forces arrive in Saudi Arabia
U.S. troops in Gulf now over half million
United Kingdom and France announce deployment

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