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2nd Scots Guards seize Mount Tumbledown
42 Commando takes Mount Harriet
A peace proposal is rejected by Britain
Air-raids on Port Stanley
Argentine garrison in Port Stanley is defeated
Argentine military junta decides to invade
Argentine Navy lands on the Falklands
Argentine submarine ``Santa Fe'' disabled
Argentine troops seize the associated islands
assault on Mount Longdon
Battle of Darwin and Goose Green
Britain calls Argentina to remove the military
Britain repeats its cease-fire terms
British 45 Commando secures Douglas settlement
British 45 Commando takes Two Sisters
British amphibious landing near Port San Carlos
British commando force re-takes Georgia Island
British nationals in Argentina adviced to leave
British planes attack the Port Stanley airfield
British re-occupy the South Sandwich Islands
EEC approves trade sanctions against Argentina
Harriers sink the Argentine trawler Narwal
HMS Antelope is attacked and sinks
HMS Ardent is sunk by an Argentine air attack
HMS Conqueror sinks cruiser General Belgrano
HMS Sheffield sunk
Isla de los Estados is sunk by HMS Alacrity
Mount Kent is taken by British troops
Seven Argentine Aircraft destroyed
Special British forces night raid on Pebble Isla
The Falklands' capital of Port Stanley is surrou
UN enters peace negotiations
US support for Britain
Versailles summit supports British position

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