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Allies brand Bonaparte enemy of humanity
Allies re-enter Paris
Battle of Le Souffel
Battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny
Battles of Waterloo, Wavre
Bonaparte arrives on St Helena
Bonaparte boards HMS Bellerophon
Bonaparte escapes from Elba
Bonaparte lands on Elba
Bonaparte reaches Paris
Bonaparte sails on HMS Northumberland
British reach Brussels
Congress of Vienna opens
Death of Josephine
End of siege of Hamburg
Execution of Marshal Ney
First abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte
First treaty of Paris
Louis XVIII enters Paris
Marshal Murat signs peace with Allies
Murat executed
Murat, King of Naples, declares war on Austria
Second abdication of Bonaparte
Second Treaty of Paris
The Allies enter Paris
The battle of Arcis-sur-Aube
The battle of Brienne
The battle of Champaubert
The battle of Laon
The battle of Montmirail
The battle of Rheims
The battle of Tarbes
The battle of Tarbes
The battle of Toulouse
The battle of Vauchamps
Treaty of Fontainebleau
Treaty of Troyes

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