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Action at Garcia Hernandez
Alliance between France and Austria
Battle of Albuera
Battle of Arroyo dos Molinos
Battle of Borodino
Battle of El Bodon
Battle of Fiodoroivskoy
Battle of Fuentes de Onoro
Battle of Krasnoe
Battle of Maloyaroslavets
Battle of Queenston
Battle of Sabugal
Battle of the Beresina
Battle of Vilna
Battle of Vinkovo
Battles of Smolensk
Bonaparte abandons Grand Armee
Bonaparte reaches Paris
Ceasing of siege of Badajoz
Conference of Dresden
Conspiracy of General Malet
Fall of Badajoz
Fall of Ciudad Rodrigo
Fall of Tarifa
Fall of Tarragonna
Fires begin in Moscow
First siege of Badajoz
France occupies Swedish Pomerania
French cross the river Niemen in Poland
French rearguard crosses the Niemen
French retake Madrid
Napoleon Bonaparte enters Moscow
Peace of Bucharest
Second battle of Polotsk
Second siege of Badajoz
Second siege of Ciudad Rodrigo begins
Secret Russo-Swedish agreement
Siege of Burgos
Siege of Cadiz ends
Siege of Tarifa
Siege of Tarragonna
Sixth Coalition against France formed
Start of French withdrawal from Moscow
Storm of Badajoz
The battle of Salamanca
The battle of Vitebsk
Third siege of Badajoz
Tsar Alexander issues ukase against French trade

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