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Armistice of Znaim
Arthur Wellesley lands at Lisbon
Battle of Bussaco
Battle of Corunna
Battle of Flushing
Battle of the Raab
Bonaparte annexes Holland
Bonaparte enters Vienna
Bonaparte marries Marie-Louise
British land at Walcheren
Creation of Fifth Coalition
Fall of Almeida
Fall of Ciudad Rodrigo
Marshal Massena takes command in Portugal
Marshal Soult captures Oporto, battle of Medelli
Massena halted at Lines of Torres Vedras
Napoleon Bonaparte divorces Josephine
Peace of Schonbrunn
Siege of Cadiz begins
Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo
Start of siege of Almeida
The battle of Abensberg
The battle of Aspern-Essling
The battle of Eckmuhl
The Fontainebleau Decrees
Treaty of Vienna

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