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Alliance between Russia and Britain
Austria invades Bavaria
Austria joins Third Coalition
Battle of Argaum
Battle of Austerlitz
Battle of Hollabrunn
Battle of Maria Zell
Battle of Trafalgar
Bonaparte crowns himself King of Italy
Bonaparte enters Vienna
Britain declares war on France
Cadoudal plot discovered
Civil Code introduced
Convention of Ulm
Creation of legion d'honneur
Creation of the Marshalate
Eugene Beauharnais made Viceroy of Italy
France annexes Genoa
France annexes Piedmont
France invades Switzerland
France sells Louisiana to United States
Franco-Spanish alliance signed
French forces occupy Hannover
Kidnap and execution of Duc d'Enghien
Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed emperor
Peace of Amiens
Spain declares war on Britain
Treaty of Potsdam
Vote on life consulship

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