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Battle of Dessau Bridge
Battle of Fleurus
Battle of Freiburg
Battle of Furth
Battle of Hochst
Battle of Jankau
Battle of Lens ,last battle of the Thirty Years
Battle of Lutter am Barenberge
Battle of Lutzen - Gustav Adolphus killed.
Battle of Mergentheim
Battle of Pilsen
Battle of Rain
Battle of Rheinfelden
Battle of Sablat
Battle of Stadtlohn
Battle of Tuttlingen
Battle of Werben
Battle of White Mountain
Battle of Wiesloch
Battle of Wimpfen
Battle of Wittstock
Battle of Wolgast
Battle of Zushmarshausen
First battle of Breitenfeld
First battle of Nordlingen
Frankfurt falls to Gustavus Adolphus's army
Magdeburg falls and is sacked by Tilly's army.
Second Battle of Breitenfeld
Second battle of Nordlingen
Seige of Breisach ends with fall of city.
Siege of Prague, city is not taken.
Spanish army destroyed at battle of Rocroi
Treaty of Westphalia signed

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