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17 newly independent States join the UN
Approval of NATO air-strikes in Bosnia
Authorization of U.N defense of South Korea
Communist China replaces Taiwan
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Earth Summit
First ever Security Council Summit
First U.N conference on Women
First veto cast by the UK
Fourth World Conference on Women
General Assembly appoints Kofi Annan
General Assembly recognizes the P.L.O
I.L.O is awarded the Noble Peace Prize
Mandatory arms embargo against South Africa
Mandatory sanctions are imposed against Rhodesia
Peacekeepers sent to Cyprus
Security Council adopts resolution 242
Security Council condemns Iraqi invasion of Kuwa
Smallox officially declared eradicated
Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Treaty on ozone layer
U.N. Charter signed in San Francisco
U.N. Emergency Force (UNEF)
U.N.-supervised elections held in Cambodia
UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
UN Environment Conference is held in Stockholm
UN flag adopted
UNICEF, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
United Nations Day
World Conference on Human Rights
World Summit for Children
World Summit for Social Development

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