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A common agricultural policy is introduced
Amsterdam Treaty
Austria, Finland and Sweden join EU
Customs union completed
Denmark rejects the Maastricht Treaty
Establishment of European Central Bank
Europe Agreements with Estonia, Latvia and Lithu
European Coal and Steel Community
European Defence Community
European Monetary System (EMS)
European Parliament wider budgetary powers
European Union-India Summit
Executives Merged
Finland joins EMS
First elections to European Parliament
French National Assembly rejects EDC
French President vetoes British membership
Greece becomes 10th Member State
Italy rejoins the EMS
Jacques Delors, President of EC Commission
Lomé Convention
Ms Fontaine President
Second Europe-Asia Summit in London
Second Lomé Convention
Single European Act
Single Market enters
Spain and Portugal join
Stockholm Convention
Treaty of Nice
Treaty of Rome comes into effect
Treaty on European Union
U.K, Ireland and denmark join E.C
Walter Hallstein is first President of the EEC
Western European Union (WEU)
Yaoundé Convention

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